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Getting Started:

I'm interested in your services, will you hold my wedding date?

We can put a complimentary hold on your date whie we are actively emailing and discussing your event needs. If within that time, another person inquires about your date, we will give you opportunity to put a deposit down within 24 hours to secure that date as a courtesy.

I have a large wedding party, can you accommodate us?

Yes- There are many artists who work on the Audra René Studio team, or alongside Audra for weddings and events. We have personally worked with every artist who you would be referred to, so you can be sure they are amazing stylists and makeup artists. The size of your party, and artist availability will dictate the size of team we need. 

Once we have a confirmed headcount, we determine whether the scope of the event is something that Audra can handle alone, with an assistant, or if we will refer you to a second artist for a portion of the job. Usually it makes sense to split hair and makeup off in two separate contracts for a large party.

I'd like you to send over an agreement for me to review, what do I need to do?

To send over a complete proposal, I'll need to know:

- where you'd like to get ready for your wedding ( Audra René Studio, hotel, home etc.)
- what time you need all services completed by ( usually determined by the planner, coordinator, and/or photographer.)
- confirmed headcount for all services- Bride, bridesmaids, Mothers, flower girls

Can I add or remove services after we sign the contract?

We allow additions to the contract based on availability, but no deletions once a contract is signed. If there is a service or two up in the air, it's best to let us know, but keep them off the contract until we can confirm for sure who is confirmed for services. We do often need to contract an additional artist (or more than one if necessary), so the sooner we know the final service amount and have the contract set, the sooner we can secure your artist or team of artists. Audra only does one wedding per day, as do most of her colleagues, so the reservations are important to get set as early last possible.

Trial appointment

How does the trial appointment work?

Trial runs are performed at the Audra René Studio salon location in Rancho Bernardo, on weekdays, during normal business hours. All trial times are based solely on availability, so we encourage booking them as far ahead as possible to ensure an appointment. We try our best to accommodate your desired trial date and time, but cannot guarantee ability to do so. Often trials need to be at two locations (makeup trial at one location, hair trial at another), and potentially even two separate dates or times, due to the need for a two-artist team with individual schedules. If you have a special trial request or questions, please let us know ASAP!

After the trial run, I decided I would like a different look, what now?

The main purpose of a trial run is to see if you indeed like the specific look you originally chose, and to get you comfortable with your artist(s). Many people decide to change styles after the trial. If you feel comfortable with the artists ability to translate your requests into your new style, then send some new inspiration pictures over, and feel confident that even on the wedding day, adjustments can be made if you'd like. If that idea causes you stress, then you can certainly purchase another trial appointment!

Wedding Day

Do I need to create a detailed schedule to give to everyone in my wedding party?

No! Part of the service I provide is working with you to come up with a detailed timeline for getting ready. I schedule each person getting services an appointment time. I'll have the schedule with me when I arrive, but you'll have access to it no later than one week before the wedding, and can print out copies as you wish.

* I highly recommend you ask as many people as possible to be at the getting ready location at the start time, regardless of their exact appointment time. If we run early, we can take people sooner, and the last thing anyone wants is for someone to arrive late and push everything back.

Do I need to arrange parking for you? Are there travel fees?

As outlined in the contract, one car per artist will valet and be charged to your provided room number unless other arrangements have been made. Travel fees are based on getting ready location. Fell free to reach out using our contact for for a detailed proposal!



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